Tuesday, November 20, 2007

EPISODE ONE ~ ~ "Who Was I?" :

CD #236523001

"Maximus Chance"

Genome >> In vitro
** ? >>When >>Why >>How
Legal/Moral >> Ethics >>

>>>>>Eureka !>>2020.


[Two children. A boy, and a girl.

He could see them, plain as sunlight; seated together, with two sheets of construction paper between them. The girl's hand was green. The boy's, red. They were finger painting.

He smiled, watching them. "That's me," he heard himself say...

...He could hear water running...]

"WINS News Time, Six-Forty Five...Today, in Washington, President Billing's will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq, to discuss long-range plans for the inception of a Constitution, and the signing of a declaration of ...."

"Jesus!"...His heart, pounding now, and a fist slamming itself down upon the shut-off switch!

"Fucking alarm."

(Disorientation, upon awakening.
Subjects eyes open; 6:45 a.m.)

Max could hear the shower running in the next room. His eyes moved from the LCD numerals of the clock, scanning the room. Sunlight, and shadow played across the carpet; and, the remnants of the dream were still lingering, as he lifted his hand, and turned it, this way and that.

"Red paint," he said, to the empty room; staring now, at his right hand:

The nail-beds of each finger, tinged in red.

It was another piece of the puzzle. His life...slipping back into dreams.


"Max...What's wrong?"

Draped in a towel, she stood in the doorway.

"Still asleep, I guess. The alarm startled me."

"Well...," she said, dropping the towel, "I thought I'd let you sleep in; but, I forgot the radio was set.."

"..Yes, you did, Shanna."

She'd moved herself into his home, two months before.
Shanna, and the previous evening, were coming back to him now.[Last night was quite a session: coffee, Art-talk, and sex. He was beginning to love her.]

"You know, Max, you're so highly strung. You need to learn how to relax."

"You're getting to know the real me. That's what happens when two people begin to live together."

She was determined to get his mind out of the past~~["You must pull him away from the 80's," her orders read. "Now, that you are inside, keep him occupied. We are fighting his memory at this point. Don't worry. We see everything he does. We are his eyes".]

With her hair still wet, and her body glistening, she moved like a kitten to purr; pulling back the sheet, smiling...

"Oh yeah, know you.."

Her mouth upon his cock now.
She takes him in, and he holds her head, her hair. Caressing her neck, as her head bobs.

She flicks the head of his cock with her tongue and then,~~ just as swiftly~~ turns herself completely round; straddling him, with her wetness. He enters her fully, completely.

"Max...Maximus Chance..."

["He's famous. An Artist. As far as he knows, he's an Orphan. He never knew his Mother," C32, said to her.

"I want to know everything. I need more than that."

"Don't worry."]


~~~To be Continued...(next week)~~NEXT UP: "MAXIMUS/POV"

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End of Episode One.

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